Oceanclub presents marke B 05
berlin labels 27. & 28.5.05 berlin in der maria am ufer

markeB has made a name for itself over the last few years through big events concerning berlin independant labels, their development and not least of all their artists. more than ever it offers the rapidly growing, creative, and successful berlin music scene a forum for exchange and to present itself. A forum which combines a healthy source of information, communication and disscussion.

it shows how big multinational companies with all their hype come and go and leave no constructive trace in the heart of the matter - the music. the value of creativity can only be furthered through timely and personal dealings. it is only by constantly disecting the berlin label scene that its potential can be secured and demands of such overused terms as “music capital” be met.

with markeB 05 we would like to convey an overview of the independant label-landscape in Berlin.

-is there a new trend towards improvement?
-do we have enough hankies to make it through Sony's leaving?
-where is the money earned?

burning questions which we should discuss between strobe and candle lighting. the continually growing number of new labels and labels which have moved to berlin consolidates and expands the artist potential, but how are the businesses doing? why did you steal my band? and how is the down-to-earth factor doing? markeB 05 wants to offer a shortcut and sends out an invitation for two days of overview, insight and enjoyment in may. last time over 40 berlin labels with varying musical directions presented themselves, their bands and their artists on four stages in WMF/cafe moskau in karl marx allee. many of the featured labels and acts have in the mean time achieved formidable success and become a permanent part of the international music scene. from the feedback from all involved (labels, artists, public) it is safe to assume that markeB has been accepted as a positive contribution to understanding the berlin music scene and making it understood.

At markeB the who's who of the berlin indie-music scene, including the otherwise concealed label bosses and employees, are represented. the much loved slot where label bosses take a turn as dj and let their musical preferences be heard will also be happening again. following previous locations at the the Volksbühne (markeB 1+2) and the WMF (markeB 03) this time we are pitching our tent in the freshly painted maria am ufer. we are very conscioiusly foregoing any cross-marketing and inviting exclusively labels to force a deeper analysis of the issue. markeB 05 offers label founders the opportunity to introduce their newest signings on a stage and present themselves in the label galery.

curated by
gudrun gut, musician, radioproducer (oceanclub on radioeins), label owner (monika ent.)
thomas fehlmann, musician, publisher, radioproducer (oceanclub on radioeins)
daniel meteo, musician, booking agency manager (flow.er), label owner (meteosound)

label gallery: alex essl
press contact: promotion office barbara preisinger

special markeB 05 cd compilation will be produced and internationally distributed by leading music magazines (The Wire).

presented by de:bug, wire, intro, snafu.de, radio eins
supported by Musikwirtschaftsinitiative der Senatsverwaltung
für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Frauen, Partner für Berlin
and by Astra.

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